Special people, beautifully captured

Great portrait photography captures the very essence of a person.  Who they are, their character, what makes them unique, their journey.  This is achieved in a variety of ways; through props and lighting, but most importantly through the eye of the photographer.

The photographer must possess that unique talent to really see an individual, or a family group.  This must be coupled with the interpersonal skills to create a relaxed environment where everyone feels at ease with the camera.

I am a professional portrait photographer and family man.  Throughout my career, I have studied and practiced the art of portrait photography and know how to bring out a person’s individuality through imagery.  Whether that’s a series of fun shots that captures the sparkle in your little girl’s smile or a powerful corporate picture to show that you mean business.

Let me capture you in a unique portrait that you can treasure forever.  I offer a complete service from test shots to portrait presentation packages.

Fresh, modern, contemporary images to ensure your memories are captured forever

Being relaxed is easier in either your home or a favourite place. You also need to feel at ease with your photographer – this will be the case.

Distinctively you

Commissioning a portrait is a way to immortalise you in picture, so giving it lots of consideration will help you to get the best results.  When you contact me it helps to have an idea of what you want and what you’re trying to capture.  This way, I can advise you on location, background, lighting and props you may wish to use.

Consider what the portrait is for; will it mark an occasion?  Will it be a gift?  Is it for your business?  Think about how you would like to be represented and what you’d like the images to say about you as an individual or as a family.  Perhaps family life for you is all about laughter, so let me know and I can capture this in the session.

Baby portraits are always great fun, albeit unpredictable.  Think about how you’ll coax that  expression from your little cherub.  You know the one; that cheeky smile that makes them look just like daddy.

If you require a more serious portrait for your blog, a book cover, or business consider the brand message you wish to portray.  I can help with background, lighting, mood and colour suggestions that will complement your image.