Special family moments, beautifully captured

Time passes more quickly than we think and sometimes precious moments slip by without us realising. Cuddly toys and rattles give way to ballet shoes and football boots and, before you know it, your “little ones” have “little ones” of their own. Capture those special times while you can, beautiful images you will want to treasure forever, enjoy always, and share with family and friends.

I want our experience to be fun because then I can capture the perfect shots. By chatting to you first, before the camera is even out of the bag, I will get an idea of the sort of family you are and the type of shots which will embrace the essence of your family, the fun, the personality and the love.

I am an experienced family photographer with the unique ability to see and capture the essence, personality and love of a family.  I have an innovative style and friendly nature to bring out the best in people.  As a contented father, my family have been an inspiration to my career, this joy is conveyed throughout my projects with families.

Magic moments

A professional family photo will capture a moment in time.  This is the perfect way to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation.  I can attend special events and family gatherings, or arrange a session to snap you at home.

Unique gifts

Your unique family photographs can be presented however you like; as a framed portrait or a digital coffee-table book.  Not only do the pictures themselves make a great gift, you could book a photography session as a present the whole family can enjoy.

Your family photo-shoot

A family shoot is not just about the end result, the experience is just as important.  It’s an enjoyable family day that allows you to get creative and have fun posing to get that perfect picture.  You can even incorporate a theme.  Here are some things to think about.

Location, location

Try to choose a location that will reflect the individuality of your family.  A session at home is very personal and allows you to capture the family in their own environment.  If a favourite family tradition is a Sunday morning walk in the park, then find a suitable spot.

Wardrobe choices

What you wear will have a significant impact on how the pictures turn out.  The best results are achieved through coordinating what you wear, possibly by overlapping in a colour scheme.  It’s also best to avoid anything too extreme such as bold prints or t-shirts with slogans.


Get creative and use props and accessories to add interest, colour, or say something about who you are.  How about an action shot of father and son kicking a ball around?  Or, perhaps an ornate hair-brush to show mum brushing daughter’s long hair.

Capturing children

How will you bring out the perfect expressions in your baby or toddler?  How can you get your teenager to smile properly?  Of course, I’ve got lots of tips and tricks but it’s worth giving it some thought so you can come prepared.